Professional Recording Studio

Music studio Manchester

"Our Manchester Recording studios is equipped with the equipment and staff needed to deliver an incredible experience. Our recording studios have worked with clients from across the globe and produced a variety of professional tracks with various famous artists. This means that no matter what you want from your experience we can cater for your needs. Whether it's that song that you're always singing for a bit of fun, or a new demo for your portfolio."

Recording Studio

People travel from all over the UK, to our recording studios from Bolton, Altrincham, London, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Wigan Newcastle, Lancashire, Stockport, Warrington,Leeds, Cheshire, Nottingham, Peterborough, Colchester, Norwich, Aberystwyth, Preston, Stoke and Birmingham.

Record a song in a studio

Record your favourite songs with singing experience. We have all the required techincal staff/assistance and equipment.

Sing in a Studio

Sing a song with your friends, family and favourite people in our professional recording studios and get digital and physical copies made in professional way.

Artist Recording

Artists around the world can come to our studios as well and produce their artwork with our professionals here.

Karaoke studio

If you are a fan of karoke music singing experience has a lot to surprise you. Come and enjoy the best karoke versions of songs.

Recording studios Gifts

If you or someone you know wants to experience the pure joy of recording in a professional studio then you have found the perfect answer for a Christmas gift, Birthday or any other occasion. Suitable for a variety of ages or abilities.

Music studios Gifts

Singing Experience makes it easy to buy gifts for the singers and musicians in your life. They may have been in a studio before or it could be their first time. This gift will suit all musicians from any background.

Gifts for musicians Liverpool

Suitable for guitarists, pianists or musicians of any type! Anyone who plays an instrument will love the experience of this gift for the rest of their lives!! See our reviews to see what people think about this one of a kind present. Create your very own cover song in a professional studio.

Gifts for young singers

Young singers will be amazed by this wonderful gift. Giving them the chance of a lifetime to create and experience a real professional studio environment, creating their very own cover song. Something to love and cherish for years to come. Singing Experience is adored by all ages and abilities. Even the parents will love it!

Audio music file from Singing Experience
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Popstar party for 5, 1 song
Popstar party for 5, 1 song
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Complex music video
2 shot music video
1 Song recorded to backing track
3 Songs recorded to backing track
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Musician recording session ( 1 song )
News update
18/11/2020 10:32 AM
With music studios being allowed to stay open during lockdown our session are up and running once again! And we've had all sorts of sessions including a brand new Christmas song! Head over to our store for perfect gifts for singers and musicians of all ages and abilities!
07/09/2020 12:05 PM
Due to complications with Covid our studios are closed until November 15th. Singing Experience studios are currently closed to expand to new locations nationwide. Vouchers can still be bought and booked and previous vouchers will be extended by 8 months.
20/11/2020 12:56 PM
Enjoy a day in a recording studio in Manchester! Or music experience days at our locations in Liverpool & Birmingham. Studio experiences that will help you enjoy the experience of recording your own cover song!
20/11/2020 01:12 PM
If your looking for a Recording studios nearby! You can find one here - we would be happy to help! Come along to a recording experience day in to record in studios in London, or experience a recording session in Blackpool! Our studios are based nationwide and will be happy to help!
20/11/2020 01:46 PM
Looking for recording studio gifts in the UK - or maybe a gift for singers based in Birmingham! A session in our professional recording studios can be a great gift for young singers in Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool!
My Product
1 Singer, 1 song - Recording Studio (Lockdown Sale)
1 Singer, 1 song - Recording Studio (Lockdown Sale)

Any age & ability. 1 Person will be able to record 1 song various takes (fully edited)
Voucher valid for 8 months, Recording Studios Throughout the UK

  2 hr Studio session
  1 Song
  E-voucher on purchase
  Digital copies provided
  Professional Recording Studios
  100's of 5* Reviews FB & Google
  See video page for recent sessions

My Product
1 Singer, 3 songs In a Professional Music Studio (Lockdown Sale)
1 Singer, 3 songs In a Professional Music Studio (Lockdown Sale)

Any Age & Ability. 1 Person will be able to record 3 songs with various takes (fully edited)
Friends and family can attend Voucher valid for 8 months, In a professional music studio

  2 hr Studio session
  3 Songs
  E-voucher on purchase
  Digital copies provided
  Professional Studios
  1000's of 5* Reviews FB & Google

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