Bring yourself for an exciting stag party at any of the singing experience nationwide venues

Stag Party Manchester Experience

This product includes

  • 2 hr Studio session
  • 1 Song
  • E-voucher on purchase
  • Digital copies provided
  • Professional Recording Studios


Product Description

Stag parties are always a laugh - but with our stag parties you can have a laugh and be a rockstar for the day in a professional music studio near you. Record a rock song, 80's hit, or any song really - doesn't matter once you've had a drink and started lauging more than singing

During the day you will recieve; professional photographer to saver the moment, a group recording of any cover song out there, which will then be mixed and master for the party holder to take home that DAY!! We provide the very best hen parties with the biggest laughs and the most fun in the UK.